10 best modular kitchen accessories

modular kitchen accessories

Modular kitchen accessories are integral part of storage in kitchen . Correct accessories helps to optimize  storage in kitchen . Plenty of different kitchen accessories available  .A great kitchen consist of all important accessories  necessary for the users.It is important to make list of accessories we prefer before the process of modular kitchen start .These accessories can also be customize to fit in our cabinets.

10 best modular kitchen accessories

1) Cutlery accessories

Cutlery accessories is most preferred kitchen accessories in kitchen . Two types of cutlery accessories are available. Steel cutlery accessories & another  pvc cutlery tray organizer.Steel cutlery baskets is popular among Indian homes but nowadays people start preferring pvc cutlery organizer too. Both types of cutlery accessories has different section in it to store knives , spoons , forks systematically .

2) Thali basket

Thali basket is another important  accessories in kitchen. Daily use plates & thali  is stored by thali basket .This basket comes in 2 different height .Eight inch height is suitable for bigger plate.Six inch is best for small plates.Three to four plates can be stored in each compartment of this accessories .

3)Cups & saucer accessories .

cups & saucer basket is to for small cups & small plates.This comes with two different height to accommodate different sizes of  cups & plates.Most used are  four inch & six inch height . There are 2 compartment in this accessories to store small plates & cups separately

4) plain basket

plain baskets are very useful to store all type of small size  daily use kitchen utensils. Plates , cups , usually stored in this basket. This has a very simple design  to accommodate utensils.

5)Sink cabinet accessories

Sink cabinet nowadays equipped with detergent rack & dustbin .Two  types of dustbins are available,with lid & without lid .Most used  is pull out dustbin with auto lid . Detergent holder has two shelf & three shelf options.

6)Grain trolley

Grain trolley is used to store grains   . This has got a very strong bottom mounted mechanism to hole 25-30 kg grains . Width of this basket range from 1.5 ft to 2 ft . We can select our preferred grain trolley size based on our monthly grain usage .It  is door mounted.

7)Dish rack

Dish rack accessories is  placed above sink unit to store plates & dishafter washed .This accessories has a tray in bottom to store water from plates  .This is very useful for indian household where accessories get rusted from wet plats & thalis

8)Corner accessories

Corner space is most unused in kitchen .In modular kitchen there are basically 3 type of accessories  are available to utilize corner space efficiently .Corner carousel is most used in corner cabinet  .Three fourth  corner carousel is also useful to utilize the corner space well .Magic corner is most sophisticated corner accessories among all .

9)Bottle pull out

Bottle pull out is used to store oil container ,small pots & daily used small utensils .This is available in  three shelf & two shelf  with soft closing & normal closing option. Width of bottle pull out range from eight inches to one feet.

10)Tandem drawers

Tandem drawers are most trendy options  to store heavy utensils in base cabinets .tandem drawer’s capacity range  from thirty kg till sixty kg .Because of its smooth closing mechanism this is most preferred choice among users .tandem drawers are available in white & grey color & most advance drawers  come with  gallery rod to give more support to the utensils in both side.

While planning for modular kitchen we need to understand our requirements & priority in kitchen & accordingly we need to decide list of accessories will solve our storage issues in the kitchen .Above are  most useful kitchen accessories used in modular kitchen



best materials for modular kitchen

best materials for modular kitchen

Finding  best materials for modular kitchen while planning for kitchen is most important aspects . Main components of modular kitchens are  cabinets , shutters , accessories & hardware .Creating a kitchen that last long depends on the kind of materials we choose for each segments of the kitchen.

All about best materials for kitchen .



modular kitchen cabinet

Cabinets are main components of modular kitchen . For base area water resistant materials are best materials for modular kitchen.For wall cabinets & shutters we have option from moisture resistant plywood to mdf based on our priority. Water proof plywood is good for sink cabinet. A good quality of cabinets last long time. Thickness of wooden components is very important while selecting materials. Calibrated wooden components give great finish.One more important factor  need to be consider is  surface of core materials need to be free from knots .


modular kitchen shutter

Shutters are outer panels of kitchen cabinets .different finishes from laminate , acrylic , membrane,hardwood are available. Laminated finish shutters  are most used among all because of its low maintenance & availability of  more choices of color. There are plenty of colors ,finish available for laminate to choose. Laminate shutters are best because they are water resistant .


kitchen accessories

Accessories are mainly  baskets that hold our utensil in the kitchen . Good grade steel accessories are best among all accessories as they last long time. Good quality of steel baskets are rust free. In market there are various Kitchen accessories available but choosing good quality accessories is very important .


modular kitchen hardware

Hardware are main important part of the kitchen.A good quality of hardware keeps the kitchen smooth .Always choose branded hardware for hinges , slides & fittings. Kitchen shutters goes through lots of wear & tear so a good quality of hinges helps the kitchen to run long.


moduarlar kitchen handle

Handle helps to grip the shutters & drawers front  well .While selecting handle we need to keep in mind aesthetics ,quality & smoothness to handle. A bad quality handle loose its shine soon after installation. In market we can find various types of handle according to our choice.


modular kitchen chimney

choosing right kind of chimney helps the kitchen to perform well for long time . There are 3 types of filtera re there .they are mesh filter ,baffle filter , charcoal filter . The most prefered filter is baffle because ther are very  easy to clean & low maintenance .


modular kitchen hob

while selecting hob we .There are 2 types of hob available in the marker . gas hob & electric hob. based on our requirements & preferences we can select hob .


modular kitchen sink

sink is one of most important appliances in the kitchen.  choosing right sink for kitchen depends on our usage of utensils for daily kitchen activities. we have diffent kind of design for sink in market .Single bowl sink good for small family whereas two bowl sink is good when family is little big



kitchen counter

Counter material also play a very important role in kitchen.Nowadays there are many options  available for selecting counter materiel for kitchen .Most used are granite ,quartz ,acrylic .Granite is most used in Indian kitchen as they retain their finish for long time & they are less cost compare to other options.


Above are few important factors to be considered while selecting best materials for modular kitchen .Kitchen is most important part of the house . Along with  design for kitchen we need to keep in mind  quality of materials that are used for the kitchen .