get your kitchen done in 4 simple steps

modular kitchen

step 1- planning stage


To ensure we understand your requirements completely ,share list of requirements in terms of types of cabinets u like , accessories u prefer , materials & finishes u want. Along with these, share kitchen’s floor plan or details dimension with three or four pictures of the kitchen space from different view.

step 2- consultation stage


In consulting  stage we note down all your requirements & discuss in details with u to understand each & all aspect of  your requirements.

step 3 - initiating design

modular kitchen design

here we make specification list for your kitchen incorporating all your needs & send you for approval upon which a 3d design is created. 

step 4 - final stage

modular kitchen
modular kitchen

once  design is approved by u  the order is processed in factory for production . In three weeks time cabinet materials are ready  than shipped  to the site & get installed