Cabinets are constructed using calibrated quality of materials .All base cabinets are boiling water resistant as base area is prone to water . Both the side of the each panel is laminated this keep them safe from termite & borer .All components  are processed with cnc machine for better dimensional stability . Panels are assembled using mini fix & dowel , this assembly makes the cabinet’s structure strong  .   

modular kitchen


  The laminates are most widely used for modular kitchen shutters, they are manufactured  by premium quality  cutting edge machinery . These are available in different shades of design, color & finishes .Most commonly used finishes are glossy , matte, digital print , textured, solid colors ,textured. Laminates are best for  modular kitchen because they are very easy to maintain , durable & water resistant.



Hardware are the fittings that binds the kitchen. For modular kitchen we need superior quality of hardware as kitchen goes through lots of opening ,closing of drawers , shutters . So good quality of hardware makes the kitchen run well for long time . When we are selecting  hardware for our kitchen we should give priority on usability of each hardware for performing  specific function for example large drawers are very useful to accesses the optimum space.